By signing up for the Open, our members will automatically be signed up for an intramural competition. If you do not want to be on a team, please reach out to Dara to let her know.  Depending on the number of participating athletes, we will designate 4 team captains to draft athletes to their Open teams.  By creating the intramural competition within our gym, we can make the Open less about where you rank in the world and make it more about contributing to your team.  We hope you take this opportunity to stretch yourself as an athlete and as a community member!


Important Dates and Friday Night Light Themes

OCT 9– DRAFT – You will be notified which team you are on this evening


OCT 11 - FNL - THEME - TEAM COLOR (Wear your team colors)

OCT 18 - FNL - THEME - BREAST CANCER AWARNESS NIGHT (wear pink or something supporting this)


OCT 25 - FNL - THEME - HALLOWEEN (Wear costume)

NOV 1 - FNL - THEME - CFC Gear night - Wear your CFC Shirt/hats/ETC

NOV 8 - FNL - THEME - AMERICA (Vets day is following Monday, wear all patriotic gear)

Team Draft

Four captains will meet for a closed draft on Wednesday, October 9th.  They will be choosing from the list of athletes who are signed up for the CrossFit Open and have chosen CrossFit Crestview as their gym.  Members who are not signed up before 5:30 PM on the 9th will be assigned to teams by Master of the Games (Dara).


Team scores will have two components to it each week.  


  • Teams are given 1 point for every athlete who submits their workout score to the Games site

  • Teams are given 1 extra point for every athlete who finishes within the top two Rx and scaled women or top two Rx and scaled men in the gym per workout (8 points available).

  • Teams are given 5 weekly points if they win a bonus category below:

*Team Spirit– Team that has the most people show up for Friday Night lights and participates in the theme of the night.  


Overall team placement will be determined by the sum of points awarded to the team.  The winning team will be the one with the highest overall score at the conclusion of the Open.

Due to the unpredictability of the Open workouts, we reserve the right to adjust scoring components as needed.  In these cases, captains will be consulted to assure we are as fair as possible.

Completing the Workout

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS- Join us every Friday, October 11th through November 8thstarting at 6 PM to complete Open workout Friday Night Lights style! After the WOD is complete, we can jump over to JJs for a little Happy Hour!

OTHER CLASS TIMES TO DO OPEN WOD:Friday the open WOD will be the class wod, so you will be able to do it during that class.   Saturday Open Gym is another time to complete it.  Monday will be OPEN GYM ALL DAY, so you will be able to complete it during that hour.  There will be an alternate WOD for those who want to do something else.  


 If you are unable to complete the WOD during these times, you must find a coach who will help you out.  This is not a guarantee.  Do not consider it a given that a coach will be available.  

Friday Night Lights will be set up with heat times (after the workout is announced).  


Please consider hanging around to assist with judging before or after you complete your workout.  It is always needed and appreciated!


For those of you on 3/ week memberships, you can complete the workout on Friday and it will not be counted towards your membership limits; Any other time, attendance will count.

You are responsible for submitting your score onto the CrossFit Games site before the Monday cut off.  This is what gets your team participation points!



TBD – A team picture with a plaque that will hang on the wall year round. The plaque will be updated with everyone’s names annually.



T- Shirts

CFC Intramural tees are available for $20.  Please be on the lookout for the place to buy on the Facebook page.















Post-Open Celebration

This will be TBD

CF Open Shirt


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