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Friday Night Lights

Starting at 6pm on the below dates, CFC will host FNL!!  This will be an opportunity for members to come together and do the CrossFit Open workout with friends and family present.  Show them what your hard work has done!

(March 1, 8 and 15)

Class schedule changes

If you are signed up for the CrossFit Open (registration below), you need to be judged. A coach must be present; however, a fellow member can judge and count your reps as long as it is done at the affiliate, under the supervision of a coach who has completed the 2024 Judges Course. Every class on the Fridays mentioned above will be the Open WOD. You can complete the workout during your normal workout time, or you can come to Friday Night Lights at 6 pm. If you can not make either, you can attend open gym on Saturday at 10 am, or All day Monday classes will be OPEN GYM. This is an opportunity for people to complete the workout or redo the workout. You can redo the workout as many times as you want. If none of these options work for you, get with a coach to see if they can meet you to do the workout. IT MUST BE  DONE AT THE GYM.

A few key points.

  • You must submit your score by 7 pm Monday on the website below

  • Coach Mark will validate them by 7 pm Wednesday

  • Please take a picture of your scorecard in case you lose it (not required but highly recommended)

  • Must have a CFC Coach Present to complete the workout

  • Must have a judge counting reps, making sure you meet standards


  • Friday at 530pm will be canceled

  • On Monday every class will be OPEN GYM (an alternate WOD will be posted for those not wanting to complete the open workout again)


March 1 (Team Color)

March 8 (Favorite Sports Team)

March 15 (Hawaiian/Tropical outfit theme)


Katrina Raines - BLACK TEAM

Rachel Edsall - BLUE TEAM




EVERYONE who registers for the CROSSFIT OPEN can participate in this event!  On February 15th, each registered person will be placed on a team. This is a super fun team event. No matter what your skill level is, YOU can participate.  There is an RX and SCALED division and a place for you to be involved! 


  • Each member gets 1 point for their team for completing the workout during a class or FNL.

  • Each member gets 2 points for their team for participating in the weekly theme while doing the workout.

  • Each member gets 3 points for their team for LOGGING their score on the Crossfit Games website.

  • There will also be a weekly GAUNTLET CHALLENGE that will be announced to teams each Monday that will be judged at FNL. This will be something fun and creative.  Be prepared to COOK something or DO a Puzzle/Challenge.  The winning team will get an extra 10 points.

  • Teams with 100% scores submitted will get 5 extra points. 


  • Will get ALL THE BRAGGING rights, a team photo posted on social media and at the gym, plus a NEW TROPHY to hold for a year!

Sign up below!

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