Drop-ins: $10

Monthly Packages

(Effective May 15, 2019)

Package 1: $95  – 3 classes per week

Package 2: $130  – Unlimited Package (Best Value!)

Bootcamp Only - $60 (Twice/Week)

Student Discount Package (For kids 13-18 in middle/high school):

  • $75 - monthly unlimited

  • $50 - 3 classes per week

We offer a 10% discount for active duty military members, first responders, and college students . Contact Mark for details.

NOTE: Package prices are per month. We do not require any contracts.


New to CrossFit? Want to take the plunge but want to learn more? Take advantage of this great Fundamental package we offer. 


For $75 you will get three sessions with one of our certified coaches. They will work with you on your schedule too!  During these sessions you will learn about the basic fundamentals of CrossFit and how our gym operates. After you finish the third class you get a week free of classes, or you can request more personal training. 


Contact Mark at cfc1station@gmail.com or 850-902-1964 for more information today!



A "month" starts the day of the month you buy and ends the same day of the following month.  All Packages include: CrossFit/Open Gym/Barbell/Kids Class/ROM WOD.

Multi-Family Discount

10% off for each additional family member


Military Clause: If Military members have to go TDY or Deploy, their membership will be put on hold until they return.


Payment Accepted: Credit/Debit/Bank Account for Memberships only; Cash or any above for drop-ins.


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